5 Major Topics Covered Under Finance Courses

Business study course students and MBA students do get attracted to finance as their major subject as they know a finance major can effectively be their first step towards a lucrative career in the world of corporate markets and money. For students that love numbers and money, finance major is a natural choice, however, finance majors and graduates have to do much more than just accounting or managing finances. They effectively provides critical and highly valuable services to big and small business corporations, non-profit organizations and also individuals to assist them manage the most critical resources of all. Hence, a finance major need to learn about various concepts and topics under the finance course or on their path of becoming a finance major. As the finance assignment help expert, I have compiled a list of five major topics that are covered under the finance courses.


Economics essentially is one of the major topics that is covered by the finance coursework and MBA course. It provides an in-depth overview of the overall principles of the ways business, industry and money are organized. For a finance major, understanding of economics and all its concepts are critical as they have to deal with variety of situations concerning market, demand, supply, and resources while working for major corporates in the real world settings. With proper understanding of economics and its concepts, students can help their work organization manage their resources in effective manner.


Accounting is the most important topic and subject for the finance majors as without proper accounting skills and abilities, there is no way a finance manager can work their way out to the corporate world. Accounting is the bloodline of the business and finance. Financial accounting, for that matter, is critical for writing financial statements for the organizations, managing their finances, and for understanding the financial positions of an organization in the market. Our Accounting homework help specialists have regarded accounting as the main finance subject.

Money and Markets

Finance students need to have right knowledge about the markets, be it the traditional markets where their firm is operational or the stock markets where securities and finances are in circulations. As a major part of the job, they have to deal with acquiring sustainable financial resources for the organization using various financial instruments such as equities, debts, bonds, etc. Hence, they need to have right grasp over the overall functioning of the markets.


This is another important topic in finance that focuses on the decisions made by both the individuals as well as the institutional investors. As a finance manager, one need to look out for potential investors and chalk out investment strategy so that decisions can be made in regards to how to arrange finance for the organization.

Financial Management

Overall, financial management is the essence of the finance course as it involves decisions that are made within the organizations in regards to acquisition and the usage of the funds.